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Whether you are a farmer or a rancher, our agricultural steel buildings offer the perfect solution to protect your valuable equipment and livestock. We offer a wide range of products such as cattle sheds, grain storage bins and hay storage sheds. An agricultural steel building from ProAm Steel will give you the protection you need so that you can continue with your day-to-day without worrying about the elements.

Our buildings are manufactured with industrial grade materials designed for agricultural use. A large overhead door provides easy access, and we offer our hay tower as an option for the extra space needed for hay or other materials. If you are in need of a metal barn or steel farm building for your property, you can trust ProAm Steel to get the job done right.

We work with hundreds of certified contractors around the U.S. to ensure each metal building is up to standard. When you choose ProAm Steel for your farming project, you can feel confident that you’re getting one of the safest and most durable farming structures on the market at a price that will fit your budget.

Protect Your Horses with Custom Horse Barns and Steel Stable Kits 

Horses are a huge investment of time, money, and love. Protecting them means sheltering them in the safest possible accommodations. ProAm prefab steel building kits make the best barns and ranch structures available today. 

  • Steel’s superior strength allows the large, unencumbered space needed for large horse barns. This makes ProAm’s steel structures perfect for agricultural equipment storage, hay sheds, shade shelters, horse stables, and indoor horse arenas, too.
  • Equine steel buildings are fire-resistant and never attract mold or termites as wooden structures do.
  • Metal buildings require far less maintenance than old-fashioned wood barns, which need frequent painting and repairs.
  • Premium insulation packages protect stock and workers in harsher climates with frigid winters or sizzling summers.


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