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residential Buildings

At ProAm Steel, we provide high-quality commercial and residential steel buildings for our customers nationwide. From a small garage to an elaborate workshop, our residential storage and hobby buildings are designed and constructed using top-of-the-line,  custom-engineered metal building kits. Our steel metal buildings are engineered to be the most advanced, efficient, and durable structures available. From the foundation to the roof, all aspects are energy-efficient and customized to fit your unique needs. 

If you are seeking a smart solution to storage, an economical carport, garage, pole barn, or just to expand your workspace, we can provide you with a best-in-class building that’s just right for you. Our residential steel buildings are made of the highest quality commercial grade 24 gauge steel, ensuring an extremely durable and long-lasting metal building. Stay protected from the elements while keeping your property even more secure with our climate control units.